Komodo Black 2022 Winner Fiery Food Challenge at Zest Fest

We are proud to announce another win for Komodo Black!

Komodo Sauces Team 2022 FCC

The 2022 Golden Chile for Hot Sauce: Spicy Sweet Sauce – Hot/X-Hot – Consumer Ready went to... Komodo Black!


2022 FCC Zest Fest winner


As you may already know, we participated in the Fiery Food Challenge at Zest Fest, held at the end of September in Dallas, Texas. From many producers of hot and spicy condiments, we were honored with the Golden Chile award in our category. See the 2022 list of the Fiery Food Challenge winners here.

This is our second award in 2022 and we are really proud of the win. It just confirms what we already knew: Komodo Black is what people NEED to add delicious spicy goodness to their meal!

Read more about our first award at the 2022 Flavor of Georgia contest.

Once again, THANKS for your support!

Gabe & the Komodo Team

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