• Sweet & Heat - Uncommon Taste for Common Dining Experiences

Sweet & Heat - Uncommon Taste for Common Dining Experiences

What's so uncommon?

It's not just the ingredients, flavor, and versatility that set Komodo Sauces apart from the competition. Every bottle of sauce is made with the pride of many generations and rooted in an unbreakable foundation of culture and tradition.

102 Years in the Making: From Indonesia to America

People of all backgrounds prefer the savory Indonesian flavors that make up our secret family recipe, passed down for over 100 years. Try it on seafood, chicken, beef, pork - you name it - or even mix it with your favorite sauce or dressing... The choice is yours!

Choose any of our perfectly balanced hot sauces for your home or restaurant:

Komodo Black has a sweet and spicy flavor layered with an Indonesian soy sauce. Komodo Sauces taste amazing on pretty much everything.  Black is especially great on meat and seafood. You can mix it with your favorite sauce, use it as a marinade, or put it in a delicious soup - the choice is yours.
Save money and experience the best of both worlds with our Red & Black Mix. This is our most popular option because you get both Komodo Sauces and you get them at a discount - it's really a no-brainer!
Komodo Red has a sweet and spicy flavor that packs a slow punch of heat. Of the two fresh and balanced Komodo Sauce flavors, Komodo Red is hotter than its black counterpart. Komodo Sauces contain a perfect balance of sweet and heat to pair with your favorite dishes like rice, wings, salsa, and pizza.