Celebrating 1 year of Komodo Sauces

September 06 2021

Celebrating 1 year of Komodo Sauces
Celebrating 1 year of Komodo Sauces

One Year of Komodo Sauces

Hard to believe that it's already been a year since we started the business to share our hot sauces beyond family and friends! You know what they say: time flies when  your having fun! (or do they mean: when you're working like a horse?)
It has been an eventful, but dare we say successful year? We couldn't have done this without support from family and friends and superfans like you, making this year one beyond our expectations.
Starting a new business during the pandemic was not without fear of the unknown, but we did it anyway. We learned a lot about business, production, processes, regulations, marketing, sales, customer service and had our ups and downs too. But we pushed on, willing to give our best to produce quality sauces and provide the type of customer service we would like to receive ourselves. We hope we met your expectations.

Can't say Thank You enough

So here we are, a year later, thankful for all the lessons we learned and the support we received, with plans to have many more hot sauce lovers get to know and love our sauces too!

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