Introduction to Komodo Gold

May 02 2021

Introduction to Komodo Gold
Introduction to Komodo Gold

What's in Komodo Gold?

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you already know that we came up with a new flavor. We asked our followers to vote on the name and... Komodo Gold became the name of our new sauce!

Why? Because this sauce is made with yellow and orange habaneros only. Unlike our other sauces, this one has not an ounce of sugar in it. Yes, we heard you!

There were people who kept saying: "flavor is great, but it's too sweet..." or "I wished it wasn't so sweet..." about Komodo Black and Komodo Red. Since it's important to really listen to your customers, we decided to give this one a try.

It's NOT sweet, not too acidic, but still spicy! Just right for those who don't like sweet, or soy, or want a refreshing flavor with some heat. Warning: Don't confuse it with your salad dressing! 

Combining habaneros with onion and other spices, a touch of vinegar, and we came up with the perfect blend for a refreshing sauce with a "punch" that is not sweet at all!

Where it's coming from

Although the origins are different, the closest Indonesian sauce to Komodo Gold would be "Sambal Oelek," which is a non-sweet, uncooked chili sauce traditionally made with a mortar and pestle. Unlike the other sauces, Komodo Gold is briefly cooked, just enough to be pasteurized. 

What have you tried your Komodo Gold on?

This sauce is great to combine with ketchup as a dipping sauce for fried food, or with mayo to make a spicy aioli and it will definitely give your bland food that extra kick! More suggestions coming soon, but please share with us what you have done with your Komodo Gold!