Introduction to Komodo Red

October 25 2020

Introduction to Komodo Red
Introduction to Komodo Red

What's in Komodo Red?

 Prehistorically the color red was seen as the color of fire and blood (still true), but amongst other things, we'd like Komodo Red to be associated with adventure.

Why? Because it's unlike any other sauce you may have had. It's sweet and spicy at the same time, although some say it's too sweet and then they get the after-kick of heat.

Back to the color of Komodo Red, this sauce is naturally colored by red peppers. To be specific, red habaneros and chilis. NO artificial coloring, NO tomatoes or carrots or beets, just peppers.

Combined with cane sugar and spices, lots of trial and errors, we came up with the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Where it's coming from

Like the origins of Komodo Black (sambal kecap), we are also calling this one "sambal" but adding "bami."  Bami comes from "bami goreng," an Indonesian stir fry noodle dish and "sambal bami" perfectly complements the flavors of this savory dish.

As you can see, both sauces originated from our ancestors' land Java in Indonesia, where our story began.

What have you tried your Komodo Red on?

While the heat of this sauce may limit experiments a bit, we have combined it with ketchup as a dipping sauce for eggrolls or loempias (Indonesian eggsrolls), poured some on pizza and hot wings, adding that extra kick to 'bland" food. We will share more suggestions in future posts, but we want to know what you have done with your Komodo Red, so do share!