Introduction to Komodo Black

October 24 2020

Introduction to Komodo Black
Introduction to Komodo Black

Ever wondered why we called this sauce Komodo Black?

If you're a friend or customer, you already know what's in Komodo Black.

Never had it or want to know why it looks like cola with dots? Or maybe you guessed it. The main ingredient of this sauce is ... soy sauce!

Where it's coming from

We grew up on various hot sauces, but this spicy black sauce well-known in Indonesian cuisine was a must have in any Javanese home.

No one would even think about serving "saoto" (soup) or "satay" (grilled meat on skewers) without "sambal kecap," no way! It would be like eating French fries without ketchup...

What is "sambal kecap?" It simply translates into hot soy sauce. Sambal is chili sauce and kecap is an abbreviation of "kecap manis" which means sweet soy sauce, commonly used in Indonesian cooking.

Combined with other ingredients like garlic, you get a unique blend of heat, sweetness and spices that will make you want to put it on almost anything edible! Well, except for cake and ice cream.

And oh, Komodo... the largest and ugliest lizard in the world. We thought it was only fitting to use the name since this animal is native to Indonesia, where our story begins.

What have you tried your Komodo Black on?

We know some people have mixed it with mayo or drizzled on hot wings, so we are really curious to know what other experiments were done. Now that you know what goes into the sauce, share your creativity with us and others!